Applications For Cork Leather

Clothing and footwear

One of the first uses for Cork Leather was in the fashion and accessories space, where it is used primarily in producing shoes apparel.   Far superior to chemically produced faux-leathers, cork's natural anti-wrinkle and anti-stain properties, along with it's vegan and planet-friendly make it an ideal solution for this application.

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Ellipse 4.png

Residential Furniture

Cork Leather is a product made from the bark of sustainably grown and planet-friendly Cork Oaks. The cork is harvested and then turned into blocks of solid cork which are then cut into a veneer which is laminated to a cloth backing and finished with a protective coating. It is sold as yardage much like a fabric and is often called Cork Fabric. Cork leather is the only authentically vegan leather in the faux leather category that has natural, organic characteristics. Cork Leather can be made in a range of patterns which display the natural cork qualities one would expect, and can be finished in an almost limitless palette of colors or even have patterns digitally printed.

Commercial Projects

Cork Leather is a near perfect solution for commercial upholstery.  It can be used for banquettes, seating, and wall panels.  Cork Leather with the Touch-Pro finish from PortugaliaCork tests at 120,000 cycles.  It's natural stain resistance. water resistance and durability combine with it's certified vegan character, planet-friendly qualities and it natural, organic beauty make it the best choice for a vegan alternative to cow leather



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